Friday, January 21, 2011

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Plain chicken gets boring after awhile... We had taken out chicken  for dinner but didn’t have any ideas of what to actually make with it.  I wanted something easy to put together and quick.  I had recently seen quite a few recipes for stuffed chicken breasts.  So, we went for a take on chicken cordon bleu (minus the sauce and breading).  It ended up just as we had hoped, quick, easy, and tasted very good! 

Here is how we did it:
First, pound out the chicken, we did this using our rolling pin with chicken sandwiched between plastic wrap.

Then, place chicken on foil covered baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Next layer a slice of ham (We lucked out D had recently smoked a ham in his new smoker so we had some really good ham!).


Next take cheese (whatever you have) and sprinkle (or spread) it on top. We used laughing cow cheese wedges (the garlic variety, awesome and only 35 calories). Don’t worry the laughing cow doesn’t melt and ooze out.

Finally, wrap up the chicken rolls and tooth-pick them so they don’t unroll while baking. Sprinkle a little bit of seasoning on your chicken rolls (we have a low sodium spice blend for chicken that I used) and put in a 350 deg oven until cooked through. Ours took about 35 minutes. It really is going to depends on how thin you pound your chicken and how thick your roll ends up.

Remove from oven, and let rest a little bit just so the cheese has a little time to set. (We really need some better kitchen lighting and I need to get better at taking more pictures!)


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