Monday, March 7, 2011

Cake decorating Week #3 Cake #2

It is my third week of cake decorating class and my second fully decorated cake!  This week we used the combs on the side of the cake to get the lines.  I did a shell border along the bottom and a braided shell border along the top (we learned these both in previous weeks).  This week we learned flowers!!  Ok, so I really wasn't excited about flowers to begin with... I am not a flower person... but I ended up having fun with them.. We learned a few different types and I know I need to practice this week, I am definitely not the best flower maker.  Here are some various pictures of my cake..  I also promise cake recipes are coming soon!  This cake was a yellow one bowl cake!  It was really good, much more like a typical layer cake then the brown sugar cake!

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  1. great tips and great pictures! very helpful! thanks for sharing!