Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 6: Our Final Cake!

Week 6.. The Final project!!  Our final project was to decorate a 2-tier cake with a theme!  I was really glad I had a theme that didn't require flowers!  I did utilize the leaf tip quite a bit though.  Here is my final cake!

 I used the grass tip, the small round, and leaf tip to make coral.  I also used the leaf tip to make the wave border along the bottom of the small cake.

To make the fish I used no tip to make the body and then the small round to pipe on the fins.  The small round was also used for the yellow coral.

The small trees that are on an angle was my attempt at making a curved tree trunk.. A straight line on an angle is not a curve.. but hey I'm an Engineer I can only work in straight lines!

A cut out of the top tier.  I didn't have enough batter for all the layers to be banana so I had to improvise and make a small batch of chocolate for 1-6inch layer.  

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