Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cake Decorating Class #2- First Cake!

I really enjoy baking lately and have really been wanting to learn to decorate cakes.  I figure this way I can make some extra money making cakes for people... and this way I get my baking out and don't have to have the cake around the house.. because who would buy a cake with a slice missing??  I finally took the plunge and decided to sign up for a Cake Decorating class.  The first week we just learned about the various tools in our kit and learned how to make the butter cream frosting we'd be using to decorate our cakes. 

The second class we needed to bring 2 cakes with us thick enough to cut to into layers.  I chose a brown sugar cake recipe out of my favorite cake book Sky High. (More about the cake in a post later).  I wish I could take my camera to class to document all the steps in the process.  Here are some pictures of my final cake.  So far we've learned how to use a big star tip to make a shell border, rosettes, 2 different types of braids (one is an s-shape and the other is using a shell pattern).

The whole cake.  I learned the more I tried to make the sides and top smooth the worse I made it..

A close-up of my shell braid pattern.

My rosettes that I forgot to make sure the tails blended in.

Bottom shell border.

A  s-braid border on top, shell braid on the side, and more of the shell on the bottom

A slice of my cake so you can see my layers.  I need to learn to be more consistent with the frosting between layers.

The cake with the slices missing.

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  1. Mmmm...this cake looks delicious! Nice job on your cake decorating. I have been wanting to take a few cake decorating classes too..I bet it would be so much fun!